Monday, November 7, 2016

November 7, 2016 - First Week in California

So the first week out here has been pretty cool. My mission president is awesome. My trainer is Elder Cabral. The first night I stayed with the APs in their apartment and then met my trainer the next day and moved in. We live with a member downstairs in his house and it's pretty nice. I took a few pictures but I forgot my cord to connect my camera to the computer so I can't send them. I get my Ipad after my first transfer which is 5 weeks from now. Once I get that, I'll be able to email and send pics/videos from there. Right now even to check my email I have to go to the church building to use a computer. Once I get my Ipad I'll be able to check it every night. It's awesome that the Cubs won tho, I was wondering who won and then I saw a guy in the street wearing full Cubs gear so that is how I knew LOL. 

So Spanish speaking Elders here get stake boundaries for their area instead of wards like the English Elders. The ward I attend is the El Camino Ward and everyone is really cool. It's a Spanish ward but like 75% are bilingual. I cover Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, and Mountain View. Santa Clara is where the 49ers play, I live in Sunnyvale which is mostly residential, and Mountain View is really cool. The day I went over to Mountain View, I passed Google HQ, a big Microsoft building, and a giant NASA testing center. It was pretty awesome and dad would have really liked it. There are a lot of apartments in my area and the rent here is really high so people work all the time. I went grocery shopping at Target earlier which was nice. The Target in Sunnyvale is weird, you park underneath it and there are escalators that go up. And there's an escalator just for carts. And they make you pay for bags when you check out LOL.  So there's that. 

Anyways, it's nice here and I like it so far. Send packages and letters to:

Elder Brigham Godwin
3975 McLaughlin Ave Ste A
San Jose CA 95121-2631
United States

It's the mission office. Which is separate from the mission home. Oh and the music guidelines just go by the white handbook. So you guys should send me the Minecraft soundtrack LOL. I can listen to that. Anyways, I love you guys and I miss you and will keep you updated on everything. And I'll send pictures next time. Love you guys!

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