Monday, November 14, 2016

November 14, 2016

So things here have been going well. The other day I went to Los Altos Hills which is a super nice area. I wondered how much some of the houses cost when I passed them. In the Spanish program, we get a bunch of good Mexican food, every family has one of those bowls with fresh tortillas in the middle of the kitchen table for each meal. Everyone in San Jose drives Teslas which are pretty nice cars. I see them as often as you see an F150 in Edmond lol. Not a ton of trucks out here though. Different cultures are funny. Our church building is really nice and half of it is basically outside. All the classrooms doors open up to this courtyard which is super cool. I'll try to get a picture of it this week. Also, at the end of church this lady in our ward (who I'm guessing owns a Panera or is a manager there) brings a bunch of the bread and stuff into the kitchen and every family takes home a couple things. So I copped a whole loaf of tomato basil, which I've been using for my sandwiches. I also ordered a shirt back at the MTC store that came to me this week. I'll send a picture of it. And I'll send one of my first shopping trip from last week haha.

It's really been a week of just getting adjusted, I've been doing training stuff and I'll be in training for 2 transfers. I've been trying to practice Spanish and this past week I went up during sacrament meeting to introduce myself and bear my testimony. It went pretty well. I have a lot of good members in my ward. I listened to a talk in the car while we were driving back from Los Altos Hills called "Profile of a Prophet" by Hugh B Brown and it was really powerful. One of my new favorites. Also, the member I'm staying with made Deseret News this past week and there is an article about him that I'll send you the link to. Anyways, I hope that everyone is doing well and I love hearing from you guys. 

Love, Brigham

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