Tuesday, November 29, 2016

November 29, 2016

So this week was alright. Kind of weird because of the holidays though. Thanksgiving was awesome, but I wish I had more pie haha. I discovered that I only live about a half mile from Apple HQ so that was pretty cool. It's barely outside of my area. I had my first interview with President Mella and that went well, he's super awesome. We've been starting to share this years Christmas message with everyone and its been going really well. Its called "Light the World" and its a really good video. You can go on LDS.org to watch it, and there is also a calendar for 25 days of service throughout December that you can do as a family. It's really awesome and you guys should do it if you can. It will definitely help you come closer to Christ and is a good thing to do this time of year. 

So my P-day (or half of one) yesterday was really good, we helped set up this thing they do each year at the church building in Palo Alto where they turn the whole building into nativity displays with different ones from a bunch of different cultures. I'll get to go to it when they open it up to the public. On the way there, there was a footlocker on the way so of course I stopped by and checked it out. I sat in there and talked to the guy about shoes for a few minutes and it reminded me of back home. Anybody who has ever been to Foot Locker with me would understand haha. It was this black guy, and I dont think that he expected this white guy in missionary attire to come in and start talking about Space Jam 11s LOL. So that was fun. Also on the way to the church we passed a McLaren dealership which was insane. I didn't even know they had those here. And when you drive around Mountain View during the day you pass by a bunch of the new Google self driving cars because they take them out for testing. Its kind of trippy LOL. Anyways, glad to hear everyone had a good thanksgiving. I miss you guys.


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