Wednesday, April 5, 2017

April 3, 2017

Hello everybody,

This week was pretty busy overall and kind of tiring. I went on 2 full
24 hour exchanges this week and since my companion is a zone leader,
there were a few meetings that came up as well. Not too many new
things happened, it just ended up being busy. The good thing though is
that we were able to go out and teach a lot. I actually went and
taught a new investigator about the restoration and it was super weird
once we started because I was on an exchange and it was in English.
When we started teaching I actually blanked for a minute because I've
never really taught it in English and didn't know what to say because
I'm so used to doing it in Spanish all the time. Which I suppose is
also a good thing that I'm kind of more comfortable teaching it in
Spanish at this point, but it was a weird feeling to teach in English
for once.

Since this week was pretty busy, it was really nice to have a nice
little break for General Conference over the weekend. It was really
good (as usual) and there were several talks that I really enjoyed
that I plan on revisiting throughout the upcoming weeks. I'll also
have to go back and watch the Sunday Afternoon session again because I
watched it in Spanish with our investigator. I was still able to
understand a lot of it and Elder Costa's talk was really perfect to
listen to with our investigator there, but it's still easier to
understand and study it in English. Each time I watch General
Conference I come to the realization of how amazing it is that we have
a living prophet and apostles to direct, lead, and guide us today.
There were definitely a lot of things throughout the sessions that I
needed to hear. But I hope everybody back home was able to enjoy
watching or listening to it too, I love you guys and love hearing from

-Elder Godwin

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