Monday, March 27, 2017

March 27, 2017

Hello everybody,
So I just got up from a much needed 2 hour nap, but this week was
awesome. Our new investigator who was going to be baptized in May
talked to us and wants to move her date up to April 16th on Easter
which is really cool! That's also during this transfer so I'll still
be here and it will be my first baptism. She decided that she doesn't
want to wait that long, she is really awesome and super open to
learning about the gospel. Her name is Elva and she moved here to
California from Peru a while ago and I can tell that she is definitely
ready to have the gospel in her life. I'm sure that the Lord has
prepared her to hear it and she absolutely loves the church. I
actually went and watched a little bit of the women's session of
General Conference Saturday at the church for the first time in my
life because we met her there so she could watch it with the other
ward members. So that's what's going on with one of our investigators.

We had Zone Conference in Menlo Park all day Wednesday and that was
good too. We go over numbers, have some training, and also get to hear
a lot from President and Sister Mella. They always provide lunch for
us too half way through which is always really good. Traffic also
wasn't as bad as it was coming back this time so that was nice.

I'm also really looking forward to general conference this weekend, it
will be great. It's always a really good time to feel the spirit and
get a lot of personal revelation and answers to prayers. We are so
blessed to have a living prophet today and it's a great testimony that
the Lord is truly at the head of this church. It's been awesome to be
a part of the work up to this point, I'm at about my 6 month mark now
and it's gone pretty fast. A lot has happened and I've learned a lot
so far. We also get to go up to the temple in Oakland the week after
General Conference so I'm also really excited to go up there. So
there's a lot to look forward to over the next few weeks.

Things are going really well though and these next couple of weeks
should be great. These will probably be my last weeks in this area so
it will be a good way to close out I suppose. But everything is good
out here in Cali, the weather has cleared up a lot and it stays
lighter out for much longer which has been nice. We are just running
around and finding and teaching people as usual. I hope everyone back
home is doing good, I love you guys.

- Elder Godwin

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