Wednesday, March 1, 2017

February 28, 2017

Hello everyone,
This week went pretty well. We picked up a couple of potential investigators playing basketball which was awesome. There was a group of young guys playing at the church and they saw us and invited us to come play so we said sure because our appointment at the time cancelled. So we played against them in our missionary attire and it was pretty fun. It was weird to play in a white shirt and tie but it wasn't too bad actually. One of them was a member and 6 were non members and we invited them to come to church and they said that they would like to sometime with their member friend. They were all either seniors in high school or in their first year of college and were all Spanish too. So we are going to see how interested any of them are about being taught and see how it goes. But it was probably the best finding activity that I've done for investigators so far and it was super random lol. 

We also got another new investigator that we've been teaching and helping who moved here from Mexico not long ago. She is very open and has been able to recognize the spirit really well when we've taught. It's a really awesome thing to be able to see somebody feel and recognize the spirit for the first time in their lives through the message that we share. It's a good testimony to me that what we share is true and that there is something really special about being called to serve as a full time missionary. The Lord really allows the spirit to work through us and touch people's hearts in ways that sometimes we aren't even aware of. 

Transfer calls are later this week and there is a possibility that I could move onto my second area. Usually in our mission, a missionary has a companion for 2 transfers and is in an area for 4. But I've been with my current companion for 2 transfers and have been in the area for 3 because I only had my first companion for a transfer. So there's a chance that I could leave but also a solid chance that I'll just stay for another. Leadership calls go out on Thursday night and transfer calls go out on Saturday night. So maybe I'll have some news this next week, maybe not. Transfer weeks are usually crazy and nobody actually knows where anybody will go and it's almost impossible to guess. 

Overall things are going really well, it's crazy that I've already been with Elder Larsen for 2 transfers. We get along really well though so things have been good. Time goes really fast and I've realized that you never get any of that time back. But I'm excited to see what happens this week and have a lot to look forward to as we keep working. 

-Elder Godwin 

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