Wednesday, October 19, 2016

October 19, 2016

So I talked to the travel office and my departure date from the MTC is scheduled for November 2nd. I should be getting my flight plans on Friday which is exciting. Also overwhelming, but I know that it will be awesome. Spanish is going well, I'm still just learning more every day. I taught an investigator yesterday completely in Spanish which was awesome. I only didn't know a couple words but then I just turn to my one of my comps and ask if he knows the word and one of them usually does so we can keep going. It's like we all know words that the others don't so with our combined knowledge we rarely have to look up a word. And we all learn from each other at the same time which is cool. 


This is a little random but our district was talking about which scripture we chose for our plaques at our church buildings and I don't know if the bishop got another one for me yet, or if he just used the same scripture I had before. If he did, that's fine, but if not and he's getting a new one I would want to change the scripture to Matthew 10:39. So there's that.


So I have a goal to lose weight / get in better shape but I've kind of given up on it here because there is too much food and candy everywhere lol. Every time someone gets a package full of stuff they share and so we have a surplus of junk food in all of our dorms. There are vending machines right by our rooms and we get a certain amount of money on our cards for every week for them, and we don't get to choose what we eat each meal so that's all kind of amounted to me postponing my beginning towards that goal haha. In the field I'll be able to shop and plan my meals out so I'm just waiting until then to start. 


One thing that I was worried about when I got here was whether or not I would be with good people that I could be friends with and it turns out that my entire zone here is really cool for the most part. There are a ton of zones here and when I look at the other districts I'm glad I'm in the one that I am. There are just a lot of boys here but not a lot of young men if that makes sense. All of the more mature people are in my zone which is awesome. There are always a few exceptions, but I've been really blessed to be surrounded by the people that I am. 


I've also discovered the beauty of laundry, It's like my favorite thing now. Sorry Mom for not discovering this sooner lol. I love feeling nice and clean and so it makes me happy to clean all of my clothes and feel fresh. Anyways, this week has been pretty good and I"ll let everyone know if anything new happens. I hope everyone is doing well, love you all. 

-Elder Godwin


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