Tuesday, January 17, 2017

January 16, 2017

Hey everyone, this week went really well. We have been getting a good amount of lessons and picking up some new investigators too which is exciting. Nothing too new has happened, just doing the work I guess. Transfer calls are this upcoming week tho which is weird, it went by pretty fast and I'll be done with training too. Which means that now I could potentially get a leadership call. But we shall see. Transfer week is always crazy so it should be interesting to see who gets shuffled around. 

We went shopping the other day at this shopping center called Santana Row and it's probably the nicest shopping center I've ever been to. They have an Oakley and a Gucci store and everything like that. They also have this Brazilian steakhouse there that I guess is one of the nicest restaurants in the San José area. We went around in Oakley for a little bit which was fun. I went by Levi's Stadium the other day too which was cool, we were on the way home from visiting somebody who lived right past it so we stopped and took a picture. I also got my new shoes that I ordered on Friday which was surprising because they weren't supposed to get here until today. But I'm not complaining lol. I'm glad I got them and it was a good thing to get for Christmas. I also discovered that my official release date is September 5th, 2018. So there's that for future reference lol. But anyways, things have been good and going well generally. I miss you guys and hope that everything is going well, I'm always happy to hear from you all. 

-Elder Godwin 

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