Tuesday, July 4, 2017

July 3, 2017

Dear family and friends, 

The past few weeks have gone well. President and Sister Mella went home and I got to meet President and Sister Hunt earlier today. I'll really miss them, but I look forward to getting to know the Hunts. They seem really awesome so far. We had a goodbye devotional for the Mellas this past week and it was really good. They both have really strong testimonies and have had a big impact on me throughout my time here so far.

One of the Elders in my zone got a new bike and so he didn't need his old crappy one so he gave it to me for free since im one of the only people that doesn't have one. Which, I never really will because in the Spanish program our areas are a lot bigger so we always have cars. But, I took it because my companion has a bike and there is a bike trail behind our apartments that goes over to this park 2.5 miles away. So, in the mornings we have started riding there and back for our morning exercise which works out really well because its 5 miles and takes about 30 mins. And like it because its a lot more refreshing to go and be outside in the morning instead of the gym.  

There have been like 3 pretty big fires in the city this past week which was really random. All of the grass here is super dry and its been decently windy so I guess that makes it fire season here. 

This P day and last P day we went to the driving range in the morning which was pretty fun. Elder Mosher likes to try hitting the ball really far and I like to practice my swing. I haven't hit a ball since I've been back home though so it was weird to do it again haha. We can get a little over 100 balls for 10 bucks so split between the two of us its not a bad little p day activity to start the day off. It's not very far away either so I'm glad we discovered it.

We found an investigator on Friday and he came to church Sunday and accepted a baptismal date right away. He's super excited and we feel like he's really been prepared to join the church. It's crazy to see the ways that the Lord prepares people to receive the gospel. Also, we've been helping this member that we found who was completely inactive for 20 plus years come back and its been really cool to see him progress. He's an absolutely awesome guy and its just as exciting to bring him back and help him prepare to go to the temple for the first time as it is to find somebody to baptize. Things have been going well lately, we have really been trying to help strengthen the ward members too. 

I've been doing well lately though, and anytime things get hard I've found that the Lord is always there to help. I found a scripture the other day, Jacob 2:8, that uses a phrase that really stood out to me. It says "the pleasing word of God, yea, the word which healeth the wounded soul." Which I thought was really powerful. Because the word of God and the scriptures to me are what can truly give you strength throughout trials. We have so many incredible books of scripture that are meant and were written to help and guide us in this day. They are inspired writings which bring us closer to our savior Jesus Christ. So anyways, I've been really grateful for the scriptures lately as I've read and studied them. I hope everyone back home is doing well, I love you all and hope to hear from you soon. 

-Elder Godwin

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